Possible Cure For MS? Find out how….

Possible Cure For MS

Looking For a Possible Cure For MS? Is there even such a thing? My (non-biological) mother has had Multiple Sclerosis for longer than I’ve been alive. Learn her story about how she gets better days and also many other stories below…

Does a Possible Cure For MS Even Exist?

The short answer I believe is unfortunately, no.

I love my mother to death and have done what ever could do to research something somewhere for a Possible Cure For MS.

Unfortunately, I’ve found maybe a story or two but not enough to make me believe it can be cured.

This is sad news, I know. My mother uses a walker, and sometimes an electric chair. She doesn’t cook like she used to, and she doesn’t move like she used to.

But that hasn’t stopped me, because I may not have found a possible cure for MS, but I’ve found the next best thing and maybe it will benefit you or your loved one, as much as it has mine.

The Next Best Thing To a Possible Cure For MS

Over the years, I have learned more and more about something extremely powerful that we all have access to. That is, nutrition.

I know, it seems too easy but please, hear my story.

Like most people, I used to buy packaged frozen goods, and “food” that came in boxes. This is what many call, “normal”.

However, I soon began to realize that this may be what the mass population does, but it doesn’t make it right.

Inside those boxes and bags of food, is what once was food, but now is nothing more than a food-like product, jam-packed with preservatives and harmful chemicals that your body wants nothing to do with.

So in my journey of learning about healthy eating, not only would I see the difference, I would also FEEL the difference.

I’m not a vegetarian or Vegan. I’m just much more educated about the things my body needs to run as optimal as it can and to prevent sickness of any sorts.

So nutrition is what I like to call the Next Best Thing To a Possible Cure For MS. In the next part we’ll talk about what I have done not only for my mom with MS, but as well as my dad since he is the one who takes care of her.

Possible Cure For MS

**FromThe Left** My Dad, My Mom, Sister, Me

What Worked Almost As Good As A Possible Cure For MS

As I learned about nutrition and all the great things it can do for the body, my mind started to really look more in-depth as to the possibilities.

I knew I needed something simple and easy for my parents to use and consume. Like I said, my mom can’t cook like she used to.

I used to promote a ‘Nutritional Shake Mix’ a few years ago. I loved the stuff and thought it was great.

I moved back into my parents house after a breakup with a longtime girlfriend and was with them until I found a place of my own.

When I showed up, I always remember eating breakfast for the first morning. After eating breakfast, my dad went to get up from the table and he struggled quite a bit and was in a lot of pain.

It had something to do with his hip, and I’m pretty sure it was arthritis. As you can see from the photos, my parents are not the youngest.

Seeing my dad struggle just to get up from the kitchen table made me very emotional. In my mind I thought, if he’s like this, then how can he take care of mom?

It was at this time, I looked on the counter where I had my ‘Nutritional Shake Mix’ and had an idea. I thought to myself, “They need this more than I do”

So I would mix one up for the both of them and told them to drink it. I think I said something along the lines of, “Drink this, it’s good for you.”

My parents were always so great in that, they would listen to me if I would say something like that.

I did this over the next few weeks, two times a day, in the morning and night.

Then one day I was sitting at the kitchen table, probably on my phone or something.

Mom comes by and sits down to put a letter into an envelope and writes the address on it. Once she’s done, she gets up and goes to the bedroom.

While I was still sitting at the table, my dad comes by and sees the brown envelope with an address on it. He looks at me and says,

“Did you write this?”

“No.” I answered.

He had this puzzled look on his face and I wasn’t quite sure why. He then began to tell me, for the past few weeks or more, he’s been having to sign cheques for mom because she was unable to.

That was very sad to hear, but also very exciting to see that the shakes had been helping in a great way. I knew the nutrition would do some great things.

A few days later my dad asks me, “Do you feel any effects from that drink?”

“Oh yeah, that’s why I drink it.”, I said.

He says to me, “The other day I felt like I could have gone for a run”

Here’s the thing about my dad, he could be flying laps around the world, and he would say something like, “Yeah the drink seems to be pretty good.”

Also, you can bet he wasn’t struggling getting up from he table anymore. He’d pop up from the table and continue on with his day like everything was fine.

After a few more weeks, while still drinking the “Nutritional Shake Mix”, my parents went out fishing.

I always remember my mom bursting through the door and saying, “I could get in and out of the boat like nobodies business!”

I remember this was so emotional for me. It was so amazing to see and hear her feeling much better. I really couldn’t ask for anything more.

That was that product though, we’ll go onto what they have been taking for the last year and how much they love it.

It’s Not a Possible Cure For MS, But It Sure Is AMAZING!!

Possible Cure For MS

As my parents were using the other product, they began to get tired of it. I completely understood because I did as well.

A coworker and I were talking one day and he began to tell me about this Xango Mangosteen Juice and all of the health benefits it had for many people he knew, and even himself.

The guy was 50 years old, but I swear to you, you would never have guessed. So right from there, I knew this product had some great benefits, because I was looking right at it.

So I asked him, “How do I sign up?”

We connected later on and got myself all set up. For the past 10 months, I have been buying this juice for my mom and dad to drink and I tell you…. they ABSOLUTELY love it!

Watch the short video below to learn more:


My dad calls it “Power Drink”

He’ll call me up saying, “Thanks for the Power Drink, it showed up on our back door this morning.”

They each get a box of 4 for themselves. That’s 8 bottles in a month.

They’ve got it down to a science so that they run out of the juice, just as the new shipment arrives.

I’ve tried to get details about what they like about it and how it makes them feel better, but it’s very hard to get the details from them.

My dad says it has a positive feeling to it. (Whatever that means)

But like is said, if my dad is saying that he likes it and is noticing benefits from it, then it must definitely be doing something pretty awesome. He also said that his constipation is pretty much non-existent anymore. So if you know of anyone in a similar situation…. send them to this article.

My mom, says something similar and extremely broad, that she notices a really good feeling from it but in an overall way. **I tried to get more details but it was pretty broad**

They both LOVE the taste, and I can’t blame them, it really is amazing!

They also said, that sometimes when they would drink it too soon before the other shipment arrived, the days without it, they would really notice the effects diminish.

If you’re interested in how you can get more information on how you can get some of this juice, we’ll cover that in the next part.

How To Order Your Xango Mangosteen Juice

Even though you didn’t find a possible cure for MS, I believe you found the next best thing.

Something as simple as pouring a glass of juice a couple times a day.

If you click on the following link below, you will have an opportunity to learn more about the Xango Mangosteen Juice.

Ask yourself, what if it helps?

What if it helps you or your loved one to have a little more energy?

You’ll never know until you give it a good try!

Follow the link below see if Xango Mangosteen is right for you!

***Click Here To Learn More About Xango Mangosteen***

If you have any further questions, please leave them in the comments below, or click on the CONTACT tab at the top of this page.


***Mangosteen does not cure any disease. Results may vary depending on current conditions and amount consumed***

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  1. vivian chubb says:

    I have a friend with M. S & I’ve seen how hard it is for him. I would love to helphim anyway I can. Thank-you for sharing your story.

    • Thank you Vivian. Is there anything I can do for you or him? I have lots of information about the Xango Mangosteen Juice. I would love to get more people in the MS community to know about this product, even if it helps improve their days 10%, that’s huge. To hear my mom and dad really boast about the product, makes me know that it’s worth it.

      I also live far away from them, and soon I’ll be across the globe. So the Xango Mangosteen Juice is the best way that I can help my mom and her multiple Sclerosis, with me being so far away. Like I said, it’s no cure for MS, but it’s the next best thing I’ve found.

      Thanks again for stopping by, and please let me know how I can help. Thank you.

  2. Sonia ayala says:

    I would love to try this …my life hasn’t been the since since I got diagnosed may 2014…I would like my life BACK! ..
    I’m so desperate I’ll try anything… being young and disabled wasn’t in my LIFEBOOK.

    • I’m so excited for you to try it. My parents have been taking it for the past 10 months and they couldn’t be happier. I’ll do anything to help my mom and her multiple sclerosis and to take care of my dad, so that he can take care of her. I hope to hear a great story from you. Don’t forget to do the health evaluation before and a few months into using the Xango Mangosteen Juice. I’m always hear and will be in contact to see how you’re doing. :)

  3. Hi what a great story I would love to try this I have M.S and I’m 39 years old and I have had ms for 7 years and been on 2 medication and the one I’m on now is working good but I still don’t have energy and I’m fighting with my weight as well so I would love to get more info on XanGo … Thank u

    • Thank you so much Lise, I have just emailed you about the Xango Mangosteen Juice. Thank you for reading my Mom’s story about her Multiple Sclerosis. They don’t have the internet so she can’t see this post, but I’ll show her when I visit her in a few weeks. Thank you once again :)

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