A Charity Worth Donating To…

Have you ever not donated to a charity because you didn’t think much of your donation would make it to the cause you wanted to support?

Charity Water is all about making sure 100% of your donation goes to the cause. 

Here is a link to their video series to learn more. 

Below is a podcast where you can listen to the founder talk about his story and why he started the charity.


Podcast Reccomendation: Stella Grizont: Hacking Happiness – #91

This latest Bulletproof podcast is so good!

Bulletproof is a brand new podcast I’ve found and so far I’ve quite enjoyed it. There’s so many little new ideas and “biohacks” to get the most out of yourself.

This episode is about the Scinece of Happiness.  I’m listening to it once again because there are some really great things to use everyday.

Click below to get to the podcast:


Podcast Recommendation:  The Art of Charm – Cameron Herold

"These kids that have ADD, and are Bipolar, and have Turrets those are medical problems. No, those are actually signs of entrepreneurs. What I want to do, is recognize those kids that have those traits and say, holy shit! You could actually be an … [Continue reading]

In-Your-Face Advice on Investing, Personal Finance, & Starting a Business

This is an excellent podcast!  There's a common theme happening, that companies are starting to look past a Résumé for the obvious flaws within them.  They're more interested in the person rather than a piece of paper.  This is a … [Continue reading]

Marc Gafni – How To Find Your Unique Abilities & Share Them With The World by Addicted2Success | Free Listening on SoundCloud

This is such a powerful podcast.  I've viewed the world in a much different way than most people do, and so much of what is spoken in this podcast really speaks to that.  We are taught as a young child what "success" looks like, and right … [Continue reading]

5 Tips On How To Sleep Better


Learn How To Sleep Better Sleep is an extremely important part of our everyday life. Without it, we're pretty much a mess. I hope you're excited to learn how to sleep better. Personally, I have tried and am still trying new things to gain an edge … [Continue reading]

55. Delete Facebook – YouTube

Last year, I deleted my Facebook and left for 90 days. Honestly, it was very strange at first. There's this weird "I should post this..." feeling that would come up. So much so, that you would have to consciously intervene. It took about a week for … [Continue reading]

How Can I Develop Empathy?

This is a pretty eye opening video (audio). My whole life I've used strict logic to get through so much of the tough times, and it's done wonders. I have always put aside the 'feelings' part because I saw no reason in wasting time crying like a … [Continue reading]

Do You Have ADHD? – YouTube

This book sounds very interesting, but one thing that is quite sad is that people would never read it before disregarding the information that it may have inside of it. Mainly because, to say that ADHD does not exist, would mean that a piece of them … [Continue reading]

Let’s Ban Weddings and, While We’re at It, Baby Showers Too | Valerie Alexander

This is such an incredible article to read. I personally see eye to eye with this so much. We celebrate the wrong things far too much. As Les Brown always says, "We major in minor things." December 21, 2015 at … [Continue reading]